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by Erin on August 18th, 2009 in Security Tips.

Before we know it, kids of all ages will be back in school (in many parts of the world, that is) using PC's more than ever to prepare projects, play games, and connect with classmates.

In fact, according to research from Nielsen Online, the growth rate of kids online is outpacing the overall Internet population; there are 16 million kids age 2 to 11 online, which is almost 10 percent of all online users, and an 18 percent increase from 5 years ago.

While the Web is a limitless tool for children to learn and play, the fact is that kids often lack the knowledge they need on how to stay safe online, making young web surfers one of the most targeted groups by identity thieves and cyber criminals.

With all of the other details to keep in mind as you help kids to get back in the swing of their daily school-time routines, online security might not seem like a priority. But, with new malware traps being set and online tricks being pulled, it’s important to keep an eye on the ways you can help them to understand the threats they may face this season.

In Lavasoft's August newsletter, we have two cyber safety guides for you: one aimed at pre-teens and the other at the teen and college years. Have a look to find out how you can help to make the Web safer for the kids in your life.

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