Ad-Aware Web Companion Beta is Ready!

by News Editor on September 9th, 2014 in News about Lavasoft.

The first beta version for Ad-Aware Web Companion is now available! We're about to improve your web protection.

We're counting on you to test out the application, give us your feedback, iron out the kinks and help us to create the best product possible. We are looking for both experienced Ad-Aware users and newbies who are up for the challenge to test out our newest product.

Ad-Aware Web Companion will offer the same security features as Ad-Aware Security Toolbar in a much more discrete manner – outside the browser. No more toolbars or extensions, just a lightweight security application that will offer the same powerful in-line protection against malicious URLs and web-based threats.

Top features included in this release:

  • Malicious URL Blocking (warns you when you are about to visit a malicious website or dangerous URL).
  • Browser Home Page Settings (allows you to set which home page loads on your browser’s startups).
  • Default Search Engine Set (allows you to set which search engine is used when searching from your browser’s address bar).

We are limiting the amount of beta testers for the initial test period so if you don't get to test Ad-Aware Web Companion straight away, you'll get a chance soon.

All you need to do is visit the Beta Center and hit the "I want to beta test" button. When your application has been processed (can take up to 24 hours), you'll receive an email with further instructions.

Once you have access to the Beta Center you can submit bug reports to the development team.

Finally, we don't recommend beta testing on your primary production computer - there may be bugs and problems. Use a test machine for beta testing - you have been warned! :-)

We hope you enjoy testing Ad-Aware Web Companion and look forward to seeing your reports in the Beta Center!

UPDATE: Ad-Aware Web Companion is now available to download for everybody.  Get Ad-Aware Web Companion today

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