Ad-Aware Beta - Released!

by Erin on November 10th, 2008 in Beta Testing, Lavasoft Products.

Our first beta for the new version of Ad-Aware is now available! Be among the first to test the more powerful and efficient Ad-Aware. We're counting on you to give us your feedback, iron out the kinks, and help us to create the best product possible.

What can you expect from the Beta? As many of you may already know from our last blog on the beta release, you'll see some exciting changes to the new engine, which has been totally rebuilt from the ground up. Our returning beta testers will note that this years beta process is a bit different from previous ones. In order to more thoroughly test each section of the product, the Beta will be released in three stages, with each one building on the functionality of the previous release; that means that not all functions will be fully operational in this first release, and additional features will be added as we release Beta 2 and 3. With Beta 1, the testing will focus primarily on the scanning process.  More details on the functionality of each Beta are available in the Beta Center.

If you're registered as a beta tester, log-in to our dedicated Beta Center now to download Beta 1.  You'll find all the resources you need in the Beta Center - submit bug reports, collaborate directly with developers, share ideas and opinions, and exchange feedback and information with other testers through our dedicated forum.

Not registered as a beta tester? It's not too late. Sign-up now on our Beta page.

Is beta testing not for you? That's okay - watch this space to find out what you can expect in each of the new versions of Ad-Aware. And, of course, watch for the release of the new and improved Ad-Aware, coming in January!

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