Ad-Aware 11 Free Beta Video Review

by News Editor on August 29th, 2013 in Lavasoft Products.

So far the responses and reviews for Ad-Aware 11 Beta have been tremendously positive! We're really close in launching and are currently doing the finishing touches, ensuring that the Ad-Aware 11 Free will be the best free anti-malware application out there.

At the moment, we currently have two video reviews of Ad-Aware 11 Free Beta from WinSevenHolic and PC Security Stuff.

WinSevenHolic's conclusions:


  • Very light on the system
  • Nice UI
  • Great protection


In his opinion:
“I recommend this product to use, when FINAL version is released.  Based on this test, Ad-Aware Security Toolbar is really great and blocks almost all malicious links and the new UI is really nice.  I really like it.

Decreasing RAM usage would be good (we’re working on it for final version).

Keep up the great work Ad-Aware team!  I support always.  :)"

PC Security Stuff’s conclusions:

Ad-Aware 11 Free Beta  (review starts at 6:23 minutes)

  • Stopped all infections.
  • Prevention is better than cure – it detects and quarantines malware before it can run.
  • Serious anti-malware protection – highly recommended

Malware Bytes and Super AntiSpyware

  • Both lack real time protection and were unable to stop infections from taking place
  • Low detection rates:  MBAM and SAS both have trouble dealing with serious infections.
  • Verdict: The MBAM and SAS machines remained completely infected.Overall: MBAM & SAS still have a lot of work to do to catch up with Ad-Aware 11 Free

Not too shabby for a Beta review... We can't wait for the official launch! :)

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