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Today we’re releasing Ad-Aware 11.10.  The latest version of Ad-Aware provides essential security fixes and advanced malware protection. To continuously defend users against the latest threats, we’re treating Ad-Aware 11.10 as an essential update. An update prompt will notify existing Ad-Aware users every time they restart their computer.

To ensure continuous protection, download Ad-Aware 11.10 here.

The latest version of Microsoft’s Skype program hides the user’s IP address. The IP (= internet protocol) address has the potential to reveal a user’s location as well as the identity of their internet service provider which, in turn, can be used to retrieve additional personal identifiers. While the improvement in privacy is helpful for all users, the update is largely directed at gamers who utilize the messenger service. 

Visitors to the MSN homepage have been targeted with malicious advertising. According to security researcher Jerome Segura, the malvertising was delivered to users through the AdSpirit advertising network, one of MSN’s advertising partners. Users who clicked on the banner advertisements were re-directed to the RIG and Neutrino exploit kits.