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Based on a report from Pulse Secure, almost one million malicious applications were produced for mobile devices last year. The 2015 Mobile Threat Report, published by the company’s Mobile Threat Center, analyzed over 2.5 million mobile applications and discovered a 391 percent increase in malicious programs since 2013. 

Cloud computing provides centralized resources allowing for faster access and information sharing, but as the popularity of cloud services grows, companies need to ensure that their cloud vendors are reliable. Here are 25 important questions to ask your cloud vendor:

Update: Additional informational reveals that the attack could affect as many as 14 million US government employee files. 

Google recently “analyzed hundreds of millions of secret questions and answers that had been used for millions of account recovery claims” and discovered some of the most ineffective security questions:

What is your favorite food?

Greenl!e is a browser extension add-on developed by Client Connect Limited. This program consists mainly of a toolbar with bookmarks to popular online movie/sports streaming, TV channels and social media platforms. It advertises itself as an improvement to your overall browsing experience yet it offers very limited functionality and little overall value.

The day is finally almost over and all you want to do is tune out, lie on your couch, check Facebook and maybe watch a funny cat video on YouTube. With your laptop in hand, you open up your browser and find your plans are rudely interrupted by a notification asking you to update Internet Explorer. So like most people, you follow the prompts, execute an update and continue on about your business.