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Pearson VUE, a third-party provider of certification credential management, has disclosed that their Credential Manager System was recently infected by malware and experienced a data breach. The certification tracking platform, used by organizations such as Cisco, F5, and other technology companies, has remained offline since the discovery of the breach. 

Voice-activated functionality has become a standard feature of smartphones. Its convenience and popularity has led to voice-activation becoming a feature in smart TVs, websites, and appliances. As with all new technology, the balance of privacy incursions for access and convenience has been difficult to strike.

Representative Katherine Clark has introduced a new bill in the United States Congress to address the issue of swatting, the act of deceiving an emergency service into visiting a particular location. The term is derived from SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), a militarized police unit dispatched to dangerous crime scenes, though the act of swatting can range in severity from dispatching a SWAT team, prompting an evacuation, or sending a single emergency vehicle to a particular location. 

Facebook is testing a new feature in its chat function that allows users to send messages that will disappear after an hour. Currently being tested in select regions, the feature allows users to click an hourglass icon at the top-right corner of the message window. When the icon is tapped, the following messages the user sends will disappear an hour later.