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Ethical hacker Ananda Prakash has received a well-earned $15,000 from Facebook for exposing a dangerous password reset error. The simple vulnerability he discovered could have been used to hack into any user’s Facebook account. All you would need to know is the user’s email address or phone number. As Facebook is allowing more of its users to store credit and debit card information as part of their account, the repercussions of such a vulnerability could have been severe.

A hacker claims to have sold the passwords for 27 million users of the dating site Mate1. The alleged sale was completed in a hacker forum called “Hell” located on the dark web, a portion of the internet accessible through the Tor browser. The Mate1 server was vulnerable and the hacker was able to bypass security measures and gain control of the server.

Microsoft has announced a new service for its enterprise customers to detect, investigate and respond to network threats. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection was unveiled yesterday by Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group. The new system utilizes data science, historical analysis, and simplified investigation tools to protect organizations using Windows 10.

Fake versions of popular games like Grand Theft Auto are being used to distribute an Android Trojan on the Google Play Store. Security researchers found 342 apps in the Play Store which were used to infect Android users with a Trojan dubbed the “Porn Clicker.” The oldest of the listed apps was uploaded to the Play Store in June 2015.