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Facebook Tracks How We Laugh Online

by NewsEditor_ on August 10th, 2015 in .

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During the first six months of this year, Adobe’s Flash platform has experienced eight serious exploits. The trend continued this week, as Yahoo confirmed hackers had used an existing Flash vulnerability to infect its users through advertising on its sites. The attack re-directed some users to malicious websites and infected others with ransomware, a kind of computer virus that takes control of the user’s machine and demands that money is paid to hackers to make it accessible again. 

Search Module by Goobzo is a potentially unwanted web browser extension that is ad-supported.  Similarly to other hijackers, Search Module has ability to change homepage, default search engine and new tab page. Once Search Module is successfully installed, it changes Windows host file, DNS settings as well as registry entries. You will notice that your PC performance becomes much slower than it was before. To protect your homepage and default search engine in the future, download Web Companion

Binkiland is a program that modifies browser homepages to its own. The page offers a general search, bookmarked links as well as adverts about the need to repair your PC, even when that isn’t the case. In the future, you can protect yourself from browser hijackers with Web Companion.