Zango - Longtime Ad-Aware Adversary Bites the Dust

by Michael on April 22nd, 2009 in Industry and Security News.

Zango, a long-time adversary for Ad-Aware, is closing the doors. There is thus far conflicting news out there. The Register said yesterday that they are bankrupt. NetworkWorld said on Monday that they were purchased by Blinkx. There is also the personal blog posting of Zango co-founder Ken Smith that is worth the read if you are really interested. Regardless, it is the end of an era of controversial adware business practices.
The news already started circulating last week with some unusual Tweets by Zango employees.
I googled Zango today and got nearly a million organic hits (in multiple languages)...many of them sites set up for the specific purpose of educating computer users how to remove stubborn and stealth Zango applications.
I don't think I'll be losing any sleep over their departure.

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