Updating Ad-Aware

by Erin on October 23rd, 2007 in Lavasoft Products, Security Tips.

Todays security tip: be sure to get the most out of your Ad-Aware software by using Ad-Aware 2007s "Web Update" feature.

The new Web Update feature allows you to receive incremental Definitions File updates, giving you a quick, easy way to stay protected from the latest spyware threats.

Web Update also allows us to automatically upload any new functions and features that we use to improve the 2007 version. That means, each time you update, you are downloading more power and better function for your Ad-Aware version.

How do you use Web Update? All you need to do is choose "Web Update" from Ad-Aware 2007s main menu, and then click "Update."

Keep in mind, if you have Ad-Aware 2007 Plus or Pro, you can use the Scheduler feature to set a personalized schedule for Web Updates.

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