Storm Worm's Holiday Tricks

by Erin on December 27th, 2007 in Industry and Security News.

The infamous "Storm Worm" malware is at it again - this time changing tactics to be in line with the holidays. Following an onslaught on Christmas Eve, when holiday-themed spam spread to tempt users to visit a malicious X-rated website, security researchers are now spotting New Years e-greeting cards with similar ill-willed intentions.

The unwanted e-mails in circulation have subject lines such as "Happy 2008!" and "Happy New Year." The messages direct users to a website where they're urged to download a malware infected file, according to reports.

What can we expect from this threat in 2008? Researchers are already predicting even bigger attacks from the Storm botnet in the coming year. Be on the lookout in order to keep safe out there!

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