Sneak Peek: New Changes Coming to Ad-Aware In July!

by Erin on June 23rd, 2010 in Lavasoft Products, News about Lavasoft.

Attention Ad-Aware users: we have news for you! We’re going to be rolling out two exciting new changes in the upcoming July Ad-Aware release –

1. Anti-virus is soon to be included in Ad-Aware Free

2. An all-new Ad-Aware product is on the way

That’s right - our freeware will expand to include anti-virus protection in addition to anti-spyware and anti-rootkit, AND we are going to introduce a new, full-featured product, called Ad-Aware Total Security, with everything but the kitchen sink!

Take a closer look at the details of the new product lineup, below.

  • Ad-Aware Free Internet Security

At Lavasoft, we believe that every computer user, regardless of economic status or geographic location, must have the power to control their individual privacy and security when they use the Internet. That’s why we continue to offer Ad-Aware Free to our users throughout the world. There’s a change coming soon to Ad-Aware Free that will give you the power to protect yourself online like never before if you are a freeware user: when the new version of Ad-Aware Free launches, it will combine Lavasoft’s pioneer technology for anti-spyware with traditional anti-virus protection. Stay tuned for Ad-Aware Free Internet Security – basic protection against spyware, rootkits, and viruses.

  • Ad-Aware Total Security

For many of us, security is made easier not by adding tool upon tool and product upon product to the mix, but by finding one product that you can depend on to keep you and your family safe online, while keeping your PC running efficiently. You may have steered clear of security suites in the past because of heavy price tags and an even heavier resource toll on your system. Enter a new kind of all-in-one security product from Lavasoft. Ad-Aware Total Security is a full-featured Ad-Aware program, meaning comprehensive malware protection, combined with an impressive list of security features for complete security, including a firewall, anti-phishing, anti-spam, parental control, online backup, data recovery, system tuning, and file shredding. This new product has the features and security options you need for total protection, while still delivering optimum efficiency – not to mention a great price that will make everyone’s wallet happy!

Stay tuned; the launch is coming on July 7, 2010.

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