Security Shorts: January Highlights

by News Editor on January 28th, 2013 in Industry and Security News.

Lavasoft News has compiled a list of "security shorts" - summaries of other online security stories making news around the world this past month...

Sony fined £250,000 after hackers gained access to millions of gamers' details
We all remember that Sony PlayStation Network hack of 2011, don't we? Where Users of Sony's PlayStation Network were at risk of identity theft after hackers broke into the system, and accessed the personal information of video game players. The UK's Information Commissioner's Office has announced that it has issued a £250,000 fine against Sony for breaching the Data Protection Act... Read more

U.S. is home to greatest number of botnet servers, says McAfee
With 631 active command and control servers, the U.S. far surpasses any other country when it comes to malware-controlled zombie computers. The Netherlands took third place with 154 servers, followed by Russia with 125, Germany with 95, and Korea with 81. Among the Top 10, Canada fared the best with only 38 servers listed... Read more

.S. Files Charges in Global ‘Gozi’ Malware Scheme

Russia's notoriety as a home for cybercriminals was highlighted in the conviction of the creator of the infamous Gozi malware. U.S. authorities finally filed criminal charges against three members of an international cybercrime ring that allegedly used malicious computer software to target online bank accounts. The so-called Gozi virus allegedly infected more than one million computers world-wide, including at least 40,000 in the U.S., according to court documents... Read more

Android Malware could hit the 1 million mark in 2013
New virus threats for Android devices are outpacing viruses for Windows at a rate of 14-to-3, and cybercriminals have also shifted their attention to social media and even Mac OSX. Trend Micro’s latest report shows that there are currently 350,000 detectable threats for devices that run Android... Read more

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