Security Shorts: August 2013 Highlights

by News Editor on August 30th, 2013 in Industry and Security News.

Lavasoft News has compiled a list of "security shorts" - summaries of other online security stories making news and headlines around the security world this past month...


Ransomware and Android become tastiest targets for cyber crooks

Ransomware and banking-focused mobile malware are cyber criminals' new must-have items, according to security provider McAfee. McAfee reported seeing a marked spike in the number of ransomware and mobile banking attacks active... Read more

Newly published leaks show NSA’s thousands of privacy violations

A report published in The Washington Post highlights top-secret documents that show the National Security Agency (NSA) collects unauthorized surveillance on Americans thousands of times per year. The documents are a May 2012 audit that the NSA performed on its operations... Read more 

Google says people can't expect privacy when sending to Gmail
If you care about privacy, it's time to drop Google. That's what Consumer Watchdog is recommending following Google's admission that people shouldn't expect privacy when they send messages to a Gmail account... Read more

China's Internet hit by biggest cyberattack in its history
Internet users in China were met with sluggish response times as the country's domain extension came under a "denial of service" attack. The attack was the largest of its kind ever in China, according to the China Internet Network Information Center, a state agency that manages the .cn country domain... Read more

Facebook Hacker Awarded $11,000 by Crowdsourced Campaign
The Palestinian hacker who broke into Mark Zuckerberg's timeline to report bug he discovered on Facebook received at least $11,000 as a reward — but not from Facebook, it will come from an online crowdsourced campaign... Read more

Dropbox and Similar Services Can Sync Malware
Dropbox and similar services have exploded in popularity in recent years because users find it so convenient to simply drag files to an icon that puts that data in the cloud. But ease of use and insecurity often go hand in hand, and now researchers are revealing an uncomfortable truth... Read more

Facebook Hijacked to Spread Chrome, Firefox Browser Malware
Facebook is being used to spread malware again, this time through messages claiming to be from friends wanting to share videos. The “video link” of course opens a door for hackers to hijack users’ Facebook accounts and web browsers... Read more

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