Return of Project Eco

by Michael on October 18th, 2006 in Lavasoft Products, Researcher Comments.

Todays news: Project Eco is back, and able to protect you better than ever. Project Eco was re-released today to tackle new malware strains that are unable to be identified or removed by any other anti-virus or anti-spyware programs.

Coming from Greek origins, the term "Eco" means home. It's a term that represents our surrounding environment. We know that computers are, and will continue to be, a part of our environment, and we are committed to protecting that environment- at home and at the office, at work and at play.

What does this mean for you? We are reinforcing our commitment to continuously provide you with security solutions by offering stand-alone malware removal tools.

In response to your inquiries and Support Forum posts, our security analysts have been working hard to help the many victims of new, wide-reaching infections. You now have a solution to two of the hottest strains of malware, Look2Me and Virtumonde infections.

You can read more about Project Eco and download the malware removal tools in the Lavasoft Security Center.

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