Renewed Rogue/Scareware Warning

by Erin on March 12th, 2010 in Industry and Security News, Security Tips.

In Lavasoft Malware Labs’ Internet security predictions for 2010, we listed scareware and rogue (fake) security products as a rising threat to watch out for. The money made from this malware model ensures that cyber criminals will not abandon what is a very profitable endeavor for them - meaning that this prediction will, unfortunately for users around the world, continue to ring true this year.

In fact, over at McAfee, fellow security researchers there have issued a warning to consumers this past week on scareware, estimating that over one million people fall for these rogue programs on a daily basis, with the criminals behind the fake products netting more than $300 million from their victims.

Need more information on rogue threats? Here at Lavasoft, we have a number of resources available for you to turn to. Check out our list, below, or pass it along to those you know who may be vulnerable to these types of scams.

Rogue Resources

  • The Rogue Gallery - Check prospective security software downloads against Lavasoft Malware Labs’ comprehensive list of rogue programs, so you can keep from falling for a fake.
  • Submit possible rogues to Lavasoft Malware Labs for analysis. If you think you’ve encountered a rogue, we’re here to help -  submit it to be reviewed by Lavasoft’s malware analysts.

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