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by Lina on November 10th, 2009 in Comment.

We recently came across an article that featured an interesting quote from one of our competitors, so I thought I would share it:

“We’re the Toyota. A high quality brand - you get a great car for a reasonable price.” Acknowledging that the new products had been value priced Powledge said that they were targeted at people “Who don’t want to pay the highest prices, but want a quality solution.”
                                                     Tom Powledge, General Manager, PC Tools

Would that make us the Volvo..?




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I earn about an antiviruse

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I earn about an antiviruse named Nod32, this program is it secure, I never heard before, (My english is poor,I know,I am a French speaking person, I do my best.) Can you tell me or for every people, who they download it.....

Give information on the blog board......

Thank you''''

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