Over 450 000 Email Accounts Exposed by Hacking Yahoo

by alexander.adamov on July 13th, 2012 in Industry and Security News.

The hacker team D33Ds Co has published a text file that contains 453 491 emails with user passwords for a wide Internet audience. Among them there are more than 138 thousands of Yahoo accounts.

The hack was done by means of union-based sql injection. At the end of the report the hackers wrote "Final Notes" in which they warn Yahoo having so many security holes in theirs webservers:

The author announced the Yahoo exposure in his Twitter yesterday:

According to the location of the website the hacker team is originated from Ukraine:

Sadly to say, but this is not a first case of the accounts exposure this summer. In June LinkedIn members had to change theirs passwords. So did eHarmony, last-fm and recently Formspring lost 420 thousands of user passwords. In case of Yahoo the hackers also revealed that despite all security measures the passwords are still stored in database unencrypted.