Online Gaming and Your Security

by Erin on July 1st, 2009 in Security Tips.

Not too long ago, one of our Lavasoft Malware Labs analysts gave an update on the rise of thievery in online games. As more and more computers users turn to their PCs for online entertainment, including games and role-playing in virtual worlds, fraudsters are finding new ways to cash in on this booming industry.

To help you stay informed and in control of your security, Lavasoft has recently put together a roundup on online gaming and your security; the July issue of Lavasoft News has the news on the top threats to online gamers, and the steps that you – or family and friends playing online games on your PC – should be taking to stay safe.

And gamers, stay tuned for more information on the new version of Ad-Aware (coming soon) that is being designed specifically for online entertainment fans!

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