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by Jason on August 23rd, 2007 in News about Lavasoft.

Now in my third week as CEO of Lavasoft, I've had a chance (a brief one, at that) to catch my breath and write a few of my thoughts on this new position and on where I plan to lead Lavasoft in the coming months, and beyond.

This position is certainly a challenge, but it is one I am excited to take on in terms of realizing the opportunities we have before us and shaping the future of Lavasoft, at the same time renewing our commitment to protect computer users worldwide.

Lavasoft is widely known for its flagship anti-spyware product, Ad-Aware. But what does the future hold? You can be certain that while we will continue to develop Ad-Aware to address the new generation of malware, we will also be expanding Lavasofts footprint in the Internet security arena by providing a wider range of protection against the ever changing threats that computer users face. To achieve this, our team continues to grow and expand, taking on the very best in the industry. As you may have heard, our new chief technology officer, Joe Wells, will be leading us into this new era of malware detection, removal, and protection.

In order to further realize our company mission of delivering quality solutions and services to keep computer users throughout the globe secure, I will be taking the lead on projects to provide services and market presence, such as those in key Asian markets.

I look forward to meeting many of our partners as well as our competitors, for the first time as CEO of this company, at the upcoming Digital River Global Network Sales Summit in Boston in October. In November I will attend the Global Sales Summit in Hong Kong where I hope to deepen relations with our affiliates and others working to expand our presence.

Alongside our products and global scope, Lavasoft, as a whole, has a great deal of knowledge and experience to share and contribute to this industry. You can, therefore, expect our presence at key conferences and events around the globe. One such example is the Virus Bulletin event in Vienna in September - an important conference for all players within the anti-malware industry. Other upcoming events on our calendar this fall include Londons RSA Conference Europe 2007 and the Cyber Security Industry Alliance Board Meeting in Brussels.

Looking forward, watch this blog space for my personal updates and thoughts about the industry and Lavasofts expanding role.

Jason King

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