MoAB- What Does It Mean?

by isergant on January 5th, 2007 in Industry and Security News.

This January marked the launch of MoAB, or the "Month of Apple Bugs."

Each day this month, two researchers are releasing details about previously undisclosed Mac OS X or Apple application security bugs in order to put the spotlight on Apple software vulnerabilities.

One of the men behind the project, known by the alias LMH, also brought us Novembers "Month of the Kernel Bugs," which followed after the trendsetting "Month of Browser Bugs" this past summer.

LMH has said that the project may initially weaken security for Mac users, but will eventually improve it. The fact that Apple won't be given any advance warnings about the bugs has brought up questions about the intention behind making them public.

How are Mac users feeling about MoAB? Take a look at "Mac Views" to see what a few had to say.

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