Lavasoft Malware Labs’ Rogue Gallery

by Albin on November 30th, 2009 in News about Lavasoft, Rogues.

Rogue security software, often referred to as scareware, is one of the biggest challenges that computer users are faced with right now. Taking the form of legitimate-looking anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware products, these rogue applications look to be beneficial from a security perspective but provide little or no security, generate misleading alerts, or attempt to lure users into participating in fraudulent transactions - blurring the lines between genuine software and applications that put you in harm’s way.

In order to help you clearly see what programs are considered rogue – and avoid them – Lavasoft Malware Labs is proud to introduce a brand new site: the Rogue Gallery.

Here, you can find almost all rogues added to Ad-Aware’s threat database throughout Lavasoft’s history. The Rogue Gallery currently houses a total of over 500 rogue applications, and we’ll be updating the gallery each time we uncover a new rogue program. Using this resource, you can search for rogues in alphabetical order or choose to display the latest threats.  As you’ll also see, we’ve included a link to “Submit a Rogue”, so you can quickly and easily send the team here at Malware Labs  any suspicious programs that you come across in order for them to be analyzed.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Lavasoft’s web development team, who used Malware Labs’ collected data and visualized it on this page.


Lavasoft Malware Labs

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