Keep Your PC Running Like New with Registry Tuner

by News Editor on April 27th, 2012 in Lavasoft Products.

Over time, your computer's registry, the database containing information about programs installed on your PC, can become bogged down with corrupt and unused data. You can increase your computer's speed and stability with a registry scanner and repair tool. A clean registry ensures a good run of the system, fewer to none errors as well as better performance. With just one click, Registry Tuner lets you increase your computer speed and stability by identifying, cleaning and correcting errors in the Windows registry.

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Cool Things Registry Tuner can do:

Fix your Registry
Registry Tuner comprehensively scans over 16 areas of the Windows registry that are critical to PC performance, identifies errors and fixes them.

Easy to Use Interface
Guides you through the complex process of scanning and fixing problems and provides you with a clear and detailed explanation of the errors found.

Safe Optimization

Recover from unwanted registry changes with automatic backup capabilities, including the ability to restore previous registry settings and a convenient roll-back option.

Tune your PC
Cleans, repairs and optimizes the Windows registry to ensure stable system operation, system speed, response time and load time.

Scans Drives and Removes Corrupt or Unnecessary Files
Safely cleans your PC from the obsolete files and junk that may be slowing your computer down.

Speed Up Windows Start-Up Time
Increases Windows boot-up speed by automatically moving all start-up files in close proximity to one another.

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