Holiday Wish Lists

by Jason on October 25th, 2007 in Industry and Security News.

It's not even November, and holiday shopping is already becoming a hot topic. Figures show that this online shopping season could reach record numbers. Shoppers in the U.S. alone are expected to spend more than $39 billion online.

It's not just the amount spent that is making headlines; the items that money will be spent on is also creating a worldwide buzz. What is topping the wish lists this year? When American consumers were asked by the Consumer Electronics Association for the top five gifts on their holiday wish lists, the results showed their number one priority was computers, followed by peace and happiness.

But with all of the online con artists and scammers that we know will be lurking about in full force to take advantage of the rise in online commerce, it may seem that these two wishes do not quite go hand in hand.

Although no one likes to be pessimistic about the holidays, as more people turn to their computers and the Internet to find gifts for their nearest and dearest, there will inevitably be more cyber crime and threats to contend with. In fact, we're even seeing news of what's thought to be topping the scammers' shopping lists this holiday season.

It's all the more reason to be sure to have up-to-date security software in place before you use your computer to track down the gifts on your friends' and families' wish lists. Not only that, but a healthy dose of scepticism is imperative - that means being on the lookout for fake websites, pirated goods, and phishing scams.

We'll be posting regular updates and security tips to help you stay secure this holiday shopping season, to make sure that you can have your computer, as well as peace of mind when it comes to online security. Surf safely!

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