Great Things People Are Saying About Ad-Aware

by News Editor on December 12th, 2012 in Comment.

There's no doubt that 2012 has been another milestone for us at Lavasoft. We've launched version 10 earlier this year and followed by various rapid updates for our users. We want to share what some of the thoughts our faithful users have been saying about Ad-Aware.

Lavasoft Forum:

"...and in the many years of product use I have only written to Tech Support once with a resolution in 24 hours and I never have gotten anything nasty on my pc and since I installed it on my daughter's she hasn't either... Again Thanks SOO much for your assistance."    Marc

From our Facebook friends:

"This is antivirus of my life. I have used Ad-Aware from their first version and never fail to detect the newest viruses and spyware. This program is saving my mom's credit card, my dad's personal documents and it is saving me :)))".   Damjan Milosevski

"The Ad Aware Personal Security is an enormous turn for this longtime player in the Windows security field.... If you trust the Lavasoft and Ad-Aware names, this product is worth a close look. EXCELLENT SOFTWARE. :)".  
Farès Azaiez

 "I like Ad-Aware because is still a very good antivirus product. Keeps my PC safe without me needing to check them all the time.Blocked me from going to rogue sites several times. Also removed some spyware."
   Andrey Ingenicki

"Lavasoft Ad-Aware is one among best security tools available in market. It is very fast, effective, has a simple interface and is really easy to work with."  
AbinBaby Elichirayil

"I think Ad-Aware is one the best protection against malware and spyware and since I do a lot of net banking, I think my pc is more secure if I have Ad-Aware installed. Thank you."  
Chayan Bhattacharya

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Comments from our users on

"The free version of Ad-Aware has rescued me from hijackings in the past."   Don Schloeder

"My favorite anti virus."  
Dandy Putra

"I use McAfee at the moment but it’s a little bit of a resource hog. This one sounds much better."
Jackie Parkins

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