DNS Security

by Erin on July 29th, 2008 in Industry and Security News, Security Tips.

If you follow security news, you may be familiar with the Domain Name System (DNS) security issue, discovered by researcher Dan Kaminsky, that was disclosed earlier this month. DNS is responsible for translating host names to IP addresses. The vulnerability allows hackers and phishers to redirect DNS queries; if a server is compromised, attackers could potentially redirect the traffic from that server to malicious websites.

Now, making this issue more serious, there are reports out of attacks taking advantage of the flaw. This means that patching by Internet Service Providers is even more important.

What can you do? Check if your DNS is vulnerable to exploits by using a tool like the DNS checker posted on Dan Kaminskys blog.

For more information about how to know if you're vulnerable and what to do if you are, take a look at Computer Worlds article, "FAQ: The DNS Bug and You."

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