Collaboration With Hakin9

by News Editor on August 31st, 2012 in News about Lavasoft.

This September, we are partnering with our associate at Hakin9. Hakin9 is a weekly e-magazine devoted to all things IT security.
The magazine covers breaking industry news, new hacker threats and attacks, different techniques of defense and protection methods, security tips and tools and latest trends in IT Security.

Hakin9 has 4 different editions every month.

  • Hakin9 – main issue, the e-magazine.
  • Hakin9 Extra – every issue is devoted to one topic only,
  • Exploiting Software magazine – Partition Analysis, Stack Overflow and many more.
  • Mobile Security – hacking and securing of mobile systems and applications.

Their monthly issue is available for download in pdf from their corporate website. If you’re interested in subscribing, visit their website at: 

Hakin9's latest e-book edition is out now. It features more useful information on malware. Get it now!

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