Since the commercial release of Windows Vista at the end of January, several media outlets have written articles listing which computer programs are currently compatible with the new operating system and which ones aren't.

What we want to make clear is that we are now concentrating all of our energy on the new-and-improved Ad-Aware 2007. The new product, with a public beta expected in early March, WILL be Vista compatible and very likely Vista Certified.

Many of you have been eager to know about the latest version of our anti-spyware product, Ad-Aware 2007. You may have also read in the February edition of Lavasoft News that we are currently in a VIP beta testing phase, and our developers are working directly with the experienced team of VIP beta testers to provide you with a more powerful anti-spyware tool that doesn't load down your computer resources.

The state of New York, USA has sent out a message to advertisers: You will be held responsible when your ads end up on consumers computers without notice and consent.

That's what New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo had to say after settling a lawsuit that forces companies to get consent before they use pop-ups for advertising.

Microsoft has released the consumer version of the latest update to the worlds most used operating system.

That's right - Windows Vista, after more than five years in the making, is for sale at retail stores starting today.

Are we as "wow-ed" by Vista as Bill Gates has promised we would be? We have been hearing a lot about Vistas new "Aero" graphical interface and security improvements.

Rule number one in e-mail safety is never open suspicious messages.

But even after hearing that over and over again, we computer users do click without using our better judgement. And sometimes we even take the bait.

We're not ones to brag... didn't we tell you that before? Well, in our defense, this is news, after all!

Ad-Aware SE Personal was named a Runner-Up in the "Best Free Download" category of Computer Shoppers' 21st Annual Shoppers' Choice Awards.

We were voted the first runner up behind - Mozilla Firefox. We don't think taking second to a browser favorite like Firefox is bad at all!

Here's a security update to keep in mind as we sort through our e-mail this morning. Cyber criminals have worked quickly to capitalize on curiosity over the deadly storm that moved through Europe to pull off their latest virus-spreading scheme.

Malicious e-mails have been sent out to thousands of people, with the subject "230 Dead As Storm Batters Europe," and with an executable file attachment containing the Small.DAM Trojan. If executed, it can create a back door that hackers can use to take control of your PC.

We're not ones to brag. We know we don't need to bombard you with in your face advertising because Ad-Aware speaks for itself every time it scans your PC!

But we're proud of our commitment to securing your privacy and security, and we're proud of the way you, our users, respond to that commitment. That's why we don't mind taking a moment for a little shameless self-promotion.

We received confirmation from CNETs website that Ad-Aware is number one in total software downloads.

Today we bring you two cyber-crime updates of shocking proportions.

The first news story surprises us because of the sheer size of the crime. Two botnet operators who allegedly ran a network of 1.5 million computers may spend up to three years behind bars, Dutch authorities say.

The latest court case involving spyware that has all the online world talking is quite a bit different from the other legal cases we've told you about.

One Last Chance...

by isergant on January 10th, 2007 in Lavasoft Products.

...To buy Ad-Aware SE products at 15 percent off!

The holidays may be over, but we extended the sale on all of our products into the month of January. So if you haven't already taken advantage of our special offer, make sure to do so today, before it expires!

Here's some news you might not be expecting: spam has taken a sudden nose-dive in the past week. Spam levels suddenly dropped 30 percent last week, reports are saying.

We wish we could say that the let-up was brought on by vigilance in the struggle to keep the junk out of our inboxes.


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