Rapid development cycles are vital for us at Lavasoft. We want to continuously deliver robust technologies to our users. For that very reason, we have released the newest version of Ad-Aware 10.3.

In September, we organized a small giveaway to our faithful users on Facebook. The enthusiasm and responses were very impressive... We want to be more engaged with our users through the social media giant so we decided to be creative and we’re pretty happy how it turned out. Our users love us!

In honor of Halloween season and all things scary, we’ve compiled a roundup of ‘spooky’ online trends and news from around the world this past month… 

Lavasoft, the original anti-malware company, today unveiled the newest version of Ad-Aware, Version 10.3.  This new version comprises incremental improvements with the main objective of enhancing the user experience.

We have some great news, folks!

Ad-Aware is now officially a part of Microsoft's consumer security software provider! Being an antivirus partner for Microsoft is definitely another milestone for us here at Lavasoft. All of our Ad-Aware products are now compatible with Windows 7, XP & Vista.