We posted a warning not too long ago on online fraud related to Haiti earthquake relief efforts. Today, there’s new information out on this topic that you should be aware of -

New Self-Cloning Rogue

by LS Anders on February 5th, 2010 in Rogues, Security Alert.

A new rogue that will randomly change names and include a reference to the current operating system has emerged.

The rogue will change to different names depending on the user's OS. On Windows XP we have encountered the following:

There’s some unsettling cyber crime news coming out of the Black Hat cyber security conference that’s being held this week outside of Washington, DC; Reuters reports that an analyst at SecureWorks presented findings showing that organizations are hiring contractors by advertising through online ads, a sort of affiliate program to infect PC's.

You may not be familiar with the term ‘rogue software’ but there’s a very good chance that you or someone you know either has experienced it, or will in the near future. Keep reading for a look at a few important pieces of information on rogues that may help to keep you, your friends or your family from falling for this growing malware threat.

New Rogue: MyPcSecure

by LS Anders on February 1st, 2010 in Rogues, Security Alert.

MyPcSecure is the latest rogue anti-spyware application and a clone from the WiniGuard family.