Shoppers Beware

by Lina on March 7th, 2008 in Security Alerts.

Here at Lavasoft, we constantly come across websites that are trying to piggy back on our name, in order to try to scam people into buying the "product" they're selling. The following is just one example of how scammers will try to take advantage of you.

Podcasts are great for a number of reasons, one being that people in different locations in the world can co-host a show (which is a lot harder to do with video for obvious reasons).

We know that a major contributor to rising spam levels is botnets - networks of compromised computers. According to industry findings, however, only a handful of botnets were responsible for the majority of spam sent in February. Six botnets spewed out 85 percent of all spam last month, the first time so few botnets were found to be responsible for so much spam, a Marshal report says.

Lavasofts newly formed Future Technologies Team, consisting of Joe Wells, Odd Stranne, and Jason Franks recently got together for a strategies session in Nevada to discuss technical initiatives that will bring us into a new era of malware detection, removal, and protection. Below are a couple of photos from their latest meeting: