A Bid to Stop Bullies

You already know that Lavasoft is committed to creating a safer computing environment by protecting all of our users from the dangers of online threats in our cyber world.

But that commitment to a safe environment also extends to threats in the real world.

Tradera recently had an online auction, with all proceeds going to the non-profit organization Friends. When we saw the chance to uphold our commitment to corporate consciousness, we jumped at the opportunity.

Actually, we put a bid on it.

Our winning bid of 16,500 Swedish kronor (that's about six times the retail price) for the first Swedish-sold Nintendo Wii gave us the opportunity to make a stand for kids that are being bullied in schools.

Bullying and violence in schools - which can range from abusive remarks to physical violence - is a cause of fear for children throughout the world. In the 2006 National Bullying Survey, 69% of students surveyed admitted to being bullied.

Friends was founded in the late -90's in Stockholm, Sweden to help schools set up a plan of action against bullying. Interested in finding out how you can help? Read more about Friends here.

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