We received impressive reviews from Virus Bulletin's VB100 Testing on Ad-Aware 11 Free Antivirus+. We are very honored to be able to secure the top spots alongside with the other big guys. We're definitely very proud of our achievement for Ad-Aware 11. Hard work definitely pays off!

Say Hello to Ad-Aware 11, the future of antimalware software.

We at Lavasoft are excited to announce the long awaited Ad-Aware 11 is finally here! We have made major improvements in making Ad-Aware 11 by far our best software update yet. Ad-Aware 11 now has a revamped design that is sleek and fresh and also has powerful new features and enhanced protection against malware. We are certain that you are going to be impressed with what we have in store for you.

The best free protection for your PC
Complementing its proprietary anti-spyware technology with one of the best antivirus engines available today (Bitdefender), Ad-Aware 11 features a packed, lean and powerful anti-malware solution, without the conflicts or slow-downs typically associated with running multiple security programs.

Everyone at Lavasoft has been very hard at work in building the next-generation anti-malware solution. We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing very soon what we believe will become the new market standard in free security software. We call it Ad-Aware 11.

We have big news this month: Ad-Aware AdBlocker Beta is coming soon to your screens! We're really close in launching and are currently doing the finishing touches, ensuring that the Ad Blocker will be the best ad blocking application out there!

More amazing news regarding Ad-Aware 10.5! We would like to share with our users the newest story issued from PC Mag regarding Ad-Aware Free 10.5 – Each day we strive to better our products and customer experience, acknowledgements like these remind us that we are on the right track!

We would like to share with our users the newest review that was issued from PC Mag regarding Ad-Aware Free 10.5 - We're definitely very proud of this review! We will continue to improve this software and ensure that we provide the best protection to all of our users...

We have launched a new update within its award-winning Ad-Aware anti-malware software. Ad-Aware version 10.5 offers incremental advancements and is designed to simplify the technicalities of installation in an effort to increase users’ experience while simultaneously safeguarding their internet security from potential malicious threats.

People say, time flies when you're having fun... 2012 was definitely an inspiring yet exhilirating ride. A few milestones were achieved at Lavasoft. First of, we successfully launched the All-New Ad-Aware 10, brought back the Business Edition, revamped our brand and most of all, we still have your trust and support.

Ad-Aware was created more than twelve years ago to combat a new problem being ignored by anti-virus companies; adware and spyware. It may be that anti-virus companies didn’t have the know-how, the will, or were simply afraid of being sued by wealthy and litigious adware companies but it was a problem that someone needed to address.

Yes, we've been rather busy here at Lavasoft for the past weeks... Since we want to continuously deliver robust technologies to our users, we are once again excited to announce the release of the newest version of Ad-Aware 10.4.

Rapid development cycles are vital for us at Lavasoft. We want to continuously deliver robust technologies to our users. For that very reason, we have released the newest version of Ad-Aware 10.3.