A new rogue, known as XP AntiVirus or XPAntiVirus, has been making the rounds. Typical of fraudware, this rogue anti-virus software creates registry entries for fake, non-existent malware that it then "detects" when it scans your PC. This tactic is used to scare you into purchasing the software.

While the program does come with a removal option, when PC users attempt to uninstall it, XP AntiVirus will start up again the next time they reboot.

As you may now be aware, I recently joined the team here at Lavasoft as CTO. I genuinely look forward to the many challenges that this industry provides, and I'm very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for Lavasoft and our customers. From time to time, you'll be hearing from me, here in the corporate blog as well as through our Security Center.

The Lavasoft Support Center team has received a number of e-mails lately from Ad-Aware SE users experiencing ISP/Error Retrieving Updates issues.

An Ad-Aware SE warning reading "Error retrieving updates" was popping up when performing a web update. It interrupted at 5% download completion.

This has been resolved.

Lavasoft is looking to change how companies around the world track user behavior via the Internet.

Lavasoft security analysts recently completed an in-depth analysis of 3rd party tracking behavior from the four cookie distributors in Sweden. As a result, 3rd party tracking cookies from three of the four companies, including Research International, were submitted in the Detection Database at Lavasoft, causing widespread disruption to user behavior tracking across several of the countrys largest and most visited news and auction web sites.

From the very beginning, an essential part of our company policy has been the commitment to providing accurate information about threats to your privacy and security, so that YOU can make informed decisions about how to handle possible threats.

Along with the extensive analysis and strict requirements that we have in place when objects are identified as spyware and malware in our Detection Database, we have always believed in leaving the door open for direct dialogue with adware vendors (authors/distributors of what is commonly referred to as malware and spyware).

Yesterday we sent you to PC World for a review of 2006. Today it's time to look ahead and prepare for tomorrow.

2007 cyber criminals will be more sophisticated in their attack on unsuspecting victims. As computer users slowly become educated about 'phishing' scams, the scammers will need to come up with new ideas, certainly targeting social networking websites like myspace.com, as well as instant messenger programs and internet telephone programs like Skype.

This is cool stuff. We have just released a special edition of the Definition File updates with 5,567 fake codec variants. This is cool stuff!

You won't get this one anywhere else. These fake codecs have been flooding cyberspace, and we're taking a stab at them. They have been mercilessly picking up victims and tossing them aside without a second thought. They infect, regurgitate, infect again, regurgitate, infect again, and so on, and so on.

We are Committed!

by Michael on October 26th, 2006 in Researcher Comments.

We are committed. We are loyal to you. And we're making changes that will create an engaged global network of dedicated security watchdogs like yourself. Bear with us and be assured that you'll be glad you did.

There have been some problems with our definition file updates lately. No, we're not too proud to admit that. In fact, we are addressing it head-on, and we're speaking to you directly through the forums, through e-mails, through this blog, and anywhere else that we think you might be listening.

Todays news: Project Eco is back, and able to protect you better than ever. Project Eco was re-released today to tackle new malware strains that are unable to be identified or removed by any other anti-virus or anti-spyware programs.

Coming from Greek origins, the term "Eco" means home. It's a term that represents our surrounding environment. We know that computers are, and will continue to be, a part of our environment, and we are committed to protecting that environment- at home and at the office, at work and at play.

We told you about the Win32 Pipeline worm that was quickly spreading through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Did you know that we have a Pipeline Remover Tool (beta) that is available for download at the forums? Visit the Lavasoft Support Forum to learn more!

Rogues Rise Again

by Michael on September 5th, 2006 in Researcher Comments.

Todays topic: rogue anti-spyware has surfaced again, after livening up their old tricks. Not that we can say we're surprised. Trick of the day: VirusBurst.

Fake anti-spyware software designers have been working hard to change interface and the names of their programs, but it's still the same scam: showing phoney spyware alerts on your computer to manipulate you into buying a product.

Revelation of the month: Google indexes executables!!. This news was met with a mixed reception from the computer security world - some commenting that this is a security risk, but also comments on how useful a feature this potentially can be.


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