Windows 10 was launched on July 29th of this year and had been adopted by 75 million users by the end of August. Despite its initial popularity, the adoption rate for the new operating system has slowed down since the time of its launch. While the Windows 10 market share for desktop operating systems climbed to almost 4% a week after its initial release, it currently possesses just over a 6% share in that category.

keylogging: the act of capturing and recording a computer user’s keystrokes in a covert manner. Keylogging software is sometimes included as part of a computer virus and can be used to steal account passwords and financial information. 

Lavasoft has been a supporter of National Cyber Security Awareness Month for several years by promoting online safety, security, and privacy awareness. Celebrated every October, NCSAM was created to ensure everyone has the resources required to stay safer online. In an effort to promote online safety and security, here are five posts to help you and your family stay safe online: