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Ad-Aware Gets a Significant Boost in Malware Detection

A major update to Ad-Aware was just released — and is getting rave reviews all around. Other companies may hold their new technologies for the next year's major launch, but not Lavasoft — we're going to give them to you as we develop them, so you can benefit with a boost to your online protection now!

As you know, the security scene is ever-evolving and has changed drastically since Lavasoft first pioneered the anti-spyware industry. Cyber criminals have become stealthier, unleashing an unprecedented amount of malicious programs and increasingly complex scams, calling for deeper levels of protection. At the same time, you spend more and more time online, stressing the need for products that work effortlessly and efficiently — so that you can use the Internet the way you want, without worrying about your security.

"Every day, there is a flood of new malware emerging across the globe. In order to stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals, detection methods must evolve at a faster pace, consequently a bigger focus must be placed on proactive detection methods," says Johnny Widerlund, CTO at Lavasoft.

"Millions of computer users worldwide put their trust in Ad-Aware to protect their PC's from virus, spyware, and rootkits. This new version, which includes the advanced new technology, easy-to-use functionality and optimum efficiency that people expect from our software, provides a true first line of defense against the against complex and up-to-the-second forms of malware of today — and tomorrow," Widerlund continues.

The new version of Ad-Aware is available in Free and Pro versions — both with anti-virus protection included, and both providing advanced threat protection with new, innovative detection technologies to ensure you stay secure online.

Already have a valid Ad-Aware license? If you have a valid Ad-Aware license, update to the new version free of charge by clicking 'Update now' on the update screen that loads when you startup Ad-Aware. You can also update to the new version through the Lavasoft Support Center by following these three steps:

  1. Log-in to the Support Center and download Ad-Aware from the download link option in the "My downloads" menu.
  2. Start the installation. The previous version will be automatically uninstalled before installing Ad-Aware.
  3. Ad-Aware will recognize your previous license information and the new features will be activated automatically when the program is started.

For more information on Lavasoft's new detection technologies, please visit

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The new versions of Ad-Aware Pro and Ad-Aware Free have both received the prestigious Editor's Choice in the antivirus category from PC Mag.
“Most antivirus utilities are good at either malware removal or good at malware blocking, but not both. Ad-Aware shines in both areas.”
- Neil Rubenking, PC Mag
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