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The Facts: Ad-Aware Total Security Versus the Competition

We know customers are looking for fast and light products that are easy to use, while still not compromising the security of their PC's. Ad-Aware Total Security combines industry-leading malware detection and removal power with multiple layers of additional protection for complete security and PC health, and is lighter and faster than many of our competitors.

Many of you have asked about how Ad-Aware compares to these other security products. In June 2010, Lavasoft AB performed extensive research to gain understanding of the performance and amount of resources used by popular security suites on the market today. The charts below show the results of these tests and shows how Ad-Aware measures up to the competition.

Performance Comparison

The charts below show key findings of the comparison of memory usage of popular security suites.

Memory Used Realtime Mode

BitDefender uses 9 times more resources than Ad-Aware Total Security.

Cleanup Comparison

In many cases, even after scanning and removing infections from your computer with anti-malware software, fragments of the infection are still left behind. The charts below show key findings of the comparison between popular anti-virus/anti-spyware programs, and their cleanup processes of common infections.


Symantec's Norton Internet Security leaves 80% of the infection on your computer.

The full comparison, as well as the test configuration and the specific versions of the software, can be found in our Performance Challenge Report.

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Threat Check
Find out which threats have been plaguing Ad-Aware users this past month.

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