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Ad-Aware News: Virus Bulletin Review

You count on your Ad-Aware software's comprehensive malware protection to keep you safe from the countless threats you encounter each and every time you go online. Ever wonder about Ad-Aware's advanced detection abilities, and how exactly this anti-malware technology measures up against industry competitors? We have the scoop for you this month!

Lavasoft's Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security software was recently tested in Virus Bulletin's April 2010 comparative review. The Reactive and Proactive (RAP) test scores — which measures each program's detection capabilities against new and emerging malware — place Ad-Aware Pro in the upper range among all the ranked anti-virus products, well above many of the top security industry competitors.

The graph, below, shows Ad-Aware Pro's placement among the other security products tested by Virus Bulletin, an independent malware journal and website with a leading specialist publication in the field of viruses and related malware. One of Virus Bulletin's main aims, according its website, is “to arm users with all the information they need to stay current with the latest developments in the anti-malware field.”

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Virus Bulletin RAP Graph

(Image credit: Virus Bulletin)

What exactly is a RAP detection score? RAP testing measures a product's reactive and proactive detection abilities against the most recent malware that emerges every day across the globe — and puts the product's heuristics and generic techniques to the test. To conduct the testing, Virus Bulletin measures the software's detection rates of four separate sets of malware samples. Three of the test sets are made up of malware seen in each of the three weeks leading up to the product's submission for testing; by doing this, the test is able to measure how quickly the product is able to react to newly appearing malware. The fourth test set is comprised of malware samples seen in the week after the product's submission for testing; by doing this, the test is able to measure the product's aptitude in proactively detecting new and unknown malware samples.

The result, according to Virus Bulletin, is that the RAP testing, “provides deeper insight into products' ability to keep up with the flood of new malware emerging around the world...”

Want more information about how Ad-Aware keeps you safe from ever-evolving threats? Learn about Lavasoft's Genotype technology — advanced anti-malware detection included in Ad-Aware Free, Ad-Aware Plus, and Ad-Aware Pro versions — on the Lavasoft website.

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