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In this issue: Patch Time: Keeping Your System and Programs Up-to-Date | Baffled by ‘Update’ Jargon? We’re Here to Help! |
Ad-Aware Update: Good Things Ahead | Bad Behavior – Rogue Security Software Warning

Keeping secure online can be a complex task, and it’s not always easy to keep everything straight. At Lavasoft, we’re here to help. In this issue, we’re taking a look at a critical part of your online safety: patching. Find out why it’s important to keep your system and software updated – and how to do it.

Plus, this month, we also have update news of a different sort: our ‘Ad-Aware Update’ article below will keep you up-to-date on exciting changes coming to your Ad-Aware software... You won’t want to miss this scoop!

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Patch Time: Keeping Your System and Programs Up-to-Date
Why are patches so important to your security? Read on to find out.

Baffled by ‘Update’ Jargon? We’re Here to Help!
Are out-of-band, Patch Tuesday, and automatic updates unfamiliar terms? Demystify a few of the key phrases you should know.

Ad-Aware Update: Good Things Ahead
Anti-virus is soon to be included in Ad-Aware Free, plus an all-new Ad-Aware product is on the way.

New Targets in Detection
Visit the Lavasoft Malware Labs blog to protect your privacy with new targets for April 2010.

Threat Check
Find out which threats have been creating the most buzz among Ad-Aware users this past month.

Bad Behavior
Buyers beware: this month, we’re highlighting the bad behavior of cyber criminals trying to pass their rogue programs off as legitimate security tools, like Ad-Aware. Here’s what you need to know.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner – 25% off
The average Microsoft Windows user’s PC has software from 22 different vendors. A new security update needs to be installed about every five days in order to use these programs safely.
Source: Krebs on Security, Secunia
Want help automating or customizing your software updates?Learn more.
“Lavasoft Registry Tuner does an excellent job of finding Registry problems and fixing them, to help keep your system in top shape.”
Source:PC World article
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