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Following last month’s Lavasoft News, one of our readers wrote in with the following security insight:

“I just read your article on rogues and want to thank you. It should be required reading. I have had some experiences I would like to share with you, in general terms, hoping you would include them in some of your communications to help others. I subscribe to various computer newsletters, which, among other things, recommend particular programs to download, many for security purposes. I have always assumed (erroneously) that the authors of these newsletters would only recommend such downloads if they, themselves, knew for a fact that those programs were reputable, and not rogues. Unfortunately, that is at times, not the case.”

-Sanford in Maryland, USA

Thank you, Sanford, for passing on your comments with others on the importance of using caution with the links we click and the downloads we make.

Here at Lavasoft, in order to provide you with a more complete solution to your PC needs, we offer special deals exclusive to Lavasoft customers through our mailers and our online Partner Store. These products are only offered from select and trusted industry partners. Additionally, we have a vetting process for this partner software – it must pass through testing by both our Malware Labs and Quality Assurance teams.

While legitimate newsletters would hopefully employ similar methods of testing, you always need to keep your eyes open and exercise caution online. Read last month’s article on rogues to learn more.

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