Threat Check

What types of threats have been plaguing computer users this past month? Take a look, below, at the top threats creating a buzz among Ad-Aware users in the Lavasoft Support Forums.

1. Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf

Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf is a generic family for Trojan droppers made in the Delphi programming language. A dropper is a type of malware that drops additional malicious files on the infected system. These files are often other Trojans or downloaders.

2. Win32.TrojanSpy.Banker

Win32.TrojanSpy.Banker is a type of password stealer that targets bank accounts. A banker Trojan like this could target a single bank or up to thousands, making behavior different among the varying types.

3. Win32.Rootkit.Agent

Win32.Rootkit.Agent is a generic family for rootkits. A rootkit is a program that fraudulently gains or maintains administrator level access that may also execute in a manner that prevents detection. They can be used to monitor traffic and keystrokes, create a backdoor into the system for the hacker's use, alter log files, attack other machines on the network, and alter existing system tools to avoid detection.

4. Win32.Worm.VB

Win32.Worm.VB is a generic family for worms that are written in Microsoft Visual Basic.

5. Win32.TrojanDownloader.Lipler

Win32TrojanDownloader.Lipler is a type of Trojan downloader that downloads and installs Win32.Adware.Liveplayer.

Have a question about one of these threats? Need guidance on how to rid your computer of spyware and malware? Take advantage of free support from our worldwide volunteer security network at the Lavasoft Support Forums.

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