New Lavasoft Product: Ad-Aware Game Edition

This November, Lavasoft launched a new version of our flagship security software – a spin-off of Ad-Aware that’s aimed specifically at online gamers and entertainment fans, providing protection as you play.

This newest product in the Lavasoft security software lineup, Ad-Aware Game Edition, already has users and reviewers alike talking about how it addresses the wants and needs of online entertainment enthusiasts – keep reading to find out what all the buzz is about!

Growing Threats to Gamers

Why do gamers need online protection? The online games industry is booming and, according to the Malware Labs at Lavasoft, cyber thieves are cashing in. In fact, malware authors are capitalizing on the transfer of cash and virtual goods that takes place regularly in online games by developing Trojans aimed specifically at plundering passwords and harvesting log-in details from users of MMORPG's. The scammers are usually after the credit card and billing information for online game accounts, and even the virtual world loot, which they can auction off for real world money.

In the past nine months, the amount of unique signatures added to the Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames family of threats in Ad-Aware's Detection Database of known malware increased by over 600 percent. According to Malware Labs at Lavasoft, the most common types of foul play that online gamers are bound to face include social engineering scams to gain log-in and account details, malware specifically targeting online games, and exploiting vulnerabilities in game servers and browsers, to name a few.

A New Take on Protection

Ad-Aware Game Edition includes comprehensive, real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, with special features and functionality designed to provide security against cyber crooks, without interrupting work or play in full-screen mode or straining system resources.

“Gamers and online entertainment fans are in a high risk group in terms of computer security – spending long periods of time connected to the Internet, at risk from opportunistic cyber thieves. At the same time, there’s a struggle to find security solutions that won’t impact online experience. The Game Edition was developed specifically with the needs of this niche market in mind, giving users the ability to protect their privacy and security from cyber crooks as they work and play in full-screen mode,” says Lavasoft’s CEO Jason King.

Ad-Aware Game Edition addresses the age-old struggle in online gaming and virtual worlds of how to stay protected, without the interruptions or breaks in protection that other security software programs cause. While competitor products claim to ‘suspend’ protection while in full-screen mode, Ad-Aware Game Edition provides continuous protection, without interrupting the user with threat alerts; Ad-Aware automatically handles the blocking and removal of malware, allowing the user to focus on their virtual world.

A New Product – A New Companion Site

Where will you find more details on the Game Edition? Lavasoft has launched an official companion website for the Game Edition, Why a whole new website?

“When we looked at how we would present Ad-Aware Game Edition to the world, putting it up on next to the Business Edition felt a bit like the PC and Mac commercials - rather weird for both parties,” says Mattias Lundmark, Lavasoft’s Manager of Web Development. The result: a website focused on the gaming world that gamers can keep coming back to again and again for blogs, reviews of games, and other community aspects.

Take a look at today, and learn more about our exclusive offer - each Game Edition purchase includes a choice of one free game from titles such as Peggle, Bejeweled 2, and Ranch Rush.

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There’s little wonder why cyber thieves go into high gear this time of year – they simply follow the money to make the most profits. US online sales are expected to rise this year by 8%. Online retails sales in November and December are expected to reach $44.7 billion.
Source: Forrester Research, Inc, Reuters
Learn more about the Windows 7 operating system, your security, and your Ad-Aware software’s compatibility.
“...the first company I’ve seen that actually gets inside the gamer’s head... Lavasoft has really taken the time to consider what gamers might want in a security product. Limiting interruptions is just the beginning...this could become the preferred anti-malware tool for gamers.”
-PC Magazine article on Ad-Aware Game Edition
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