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Here at Lavasoft, we know that not all users have the same needs. That’s why this new version has usability features that allow you to use Ad-Aware as you choose – whether you want to simplify your security, sitting back and letting Ad-Aware protect you without laboring over many settings and options, or you prefer to have more advanced options in order to be in full control of malicious threats.

In the new version of Ad-Aware, we’re giving you the power to decide how you want to interact with the program through two new modes: Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. Simple Mode allows you to set and forget - by using our expert recommended settings, no interaction is needed from your part, making using the program as easy as possible; Advanced Mode lets you customize all the settings as you choose, to tailor everything to your specific needs.

So how do you get started on using the new features? When you install the new version, Ad-Aware will start in Simple Mode by default. But, it’s easy to switch between the modes – just click the “Switch to Advanced Mode” icon in the bottom left corner of the Ad-Aware screen.

New Ad-Aware Internet Security

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