First Look: The People's Product

After months of work by Lavasoft's development team, the Ad-Aware closed Beta is now in full swing with thousands of beta testers working with us to fine-tune the software – all in preparation of the next major Ad-Aware release, set for August 25, 2009. And that means it's the perfect time to give you, our loyal users, an inside look at the new features and functionality of the new version.

Here at Lavasoft, this version is known as “the people's product”. This is in part due to power-packed improvements to our anti-malware technology, and because of fresh community initiatives that are tied into the new Ad-Aware – both of which bring ne w power to computer users in the struggle to stay safe and secure online.

“Like all Lavasoft products, each new version of Ad-Aware is designed specifically with the wants and needs of our users in mind. But, with this release, we're going a step further by not only releasing a product that gives users the power to protect their privacy with advanced technology and easy-to-use functionality, we're also introducing new community-based initiatives that give even more power to the people – to the millions of Ad-Aware users across the globe,” explains Lavasoft CEO Jason King.

Here's your exclusive look at how this new version, and the initiatives surrounding it, will put the power of privacy protection into your hands like never before.

Power to the People: The Power to Protect

With today's ever-adapting cyber threats, we unknowingly face a variety of theft scenarios each and every time we go online, as we bank, shop, check e-mail, or even just surf the Web. The new version of Ad-Aware has been developed with the aim of changing that balance of power – putting the control back in the hands of computer users with a combined anti-virus and anti-spyware product that allows you to stay in full control of your private information. Improvements to our anti-malware technology bring you a power-packed product that will provide the best security protection available, without draining or straining system resources.

In keeping with Lavasoft's vision that every computer user, regardless of economic status or geographic location, has the power to control their individual privacy and security on the Internet, we're proud to bring you another important change with this new version: Ad-Aware Free will offer complete malware protection that combines Lavasoft's pioneer technology for anti-spyware with traditional anti-virus protection.

Power to the People: The Power to Decide

We know that not every computer user has the same wants and needs. That's why this new version has usability features that allow you to use Ad-Aware as you choose – whether you want to simplify your security, sitting back and letting Ad-Aware protect you without laboring over many settings and options, or you prefer to have more advanced options in order to be in full control of malicious threats.

With the new version, you also have the option to decide how you want your Ad-Aware program's user interface to look, with the ability to choose custom-designed skins and translations.

Power to the People: The Power to Create

There's much more to online security than just a single user scanning and removing malware from their PC. Any users of the Lavasoft Support Forums can attest to the importance of working together as a security community to provide guidance, support, and suggestions to other computer users. In that same spirit, we have new community-driven translations and skins in the works, and the opportunity for more community interaction through my MyLavasoft (also coming in August). These initiatives will not only give us the chance to connect directly with you and your individual security wants and needs, but it will also give you the ability to take part in shaping Ad-Aware and to work hand in hand with us to build this new security community.

Keep reading, below, for a more detailed look at the highlights of the new version of Ad-Aware. And, be sure to stay tuned next month for the Ad-Aware release, and the full features of each new version!

  • New! The Neutralizer
    Lavsaoft's new advanced removal tool combats malware that attempts to restore itself even after rebooting your system.
  • New! Genotype Detection Technology
    Based on heuristics, the new Genotype technology allows Ad-Aware to stay one step ahead of today's ever-evolving threats, as well as threats that have not yet been created.
  • New! Rootkit Removal System
    Improved anti-rootkit technology to uncover and remove even the most complex monitoring tools, detecting both user-mode and kernel-mode attack techniques.
  • Lavasoft ThreatWork
    Improvements to ThreatWork allow the alliance to help provide the best protection possible against the newest and most relevant threats.
  • New! Simple Mode/Advanced Mode
    We know that not all users have the same needs, so we give you the power to decide how you want to interact with Ad-Aware. Simple Mode is designed to make using the program as easy as possible, whereas Advanced Mode will let you customize all the settings as you choose.
  • New! Do Not Disturb Mode
    Stay protected while enjoying games or movies online – without the irritating interruptions or strain on system resources that other security software programs cause.
  • New! Community-driven translations
    The new XML-based language format of the user interface allows you to edit and upload translated text for others to use.
  • New! Community-driven, custom skins
    Make Ad-Aware your own by choosing the look of the interface that best fits you – or by designing your own custom Ad-Aware skin. Stay tuned for news on the skin design contest (the winner will have his or her design packaged and distributed with the new release!)
Back to School Special
Only 8% of educators say their school includes cyber security, cyber safety and cyber ethics as part of the curriculum. Only 22% of teachers admit to feeling comfortable teaching about cyber bullying, identity theft and other cyber crimes.

Source: National Cyber Security Alliance, 2008 Baseline Study
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“As we're here doing business as usual at Lavasoft, we're also thinking about the bigger picture... As part of our mindset to work towards safeguarding the environments we live in – whether online or offline – Lavasoft supports the Prince's Rainforests Project.”

- Jason King, CEO of Lavasoft

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