Halloween may have already passed, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are still some spooky, not to mention genuinely criminal, things taking place online that you need to be aware of this month – rogue security products, often referred to as scareware, are rising in record numbers. Read on to get a look at the online epidemic they’re creating, and find out the steps you can take to avoid being the next victim.

November brings with it Black Friday, the ceremonial kick-off of the holiday shopping season; Cyber Monday, the unofficial start of the online shopping season, follows soon after. As the shopping season gears up, so will the cyber scams. Don’t miss this month’s “Tips” section, where we bring you the five security tactics you need to be aware of before hitting the virtual stores.

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News from Lavasoft

The Rise and Rise of Rogue Security Software
The dramatic increase and what’s being done to control it.

6 Simple Steps to Keep from Falling for Fakes
What you can do to avoid being a victim of rogue software.

How the Business of Cyber Crime Affects Businesses
How Lavasoft is countering the threats hitting 6 in 10 businesses.

Research Roundup

New Targets in Detection
Visit the Lavasoft Research blog to protect your privacy with new targets for October 2008.

Threat Check
Find out which threats have been creating the most buzz among Ad-Aware users this past month.

Bad Behavior
There are many online nasties to choose from when it comes to behaving badly. Our pick for November: political phishing and online scams.


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By The Numbers
Of all the rogue security applications in Lavasoft’s Detection Database, approximately 21% of the total in detection has appeared since June 2008. Industry experts have reported a five-fold year-on-year increase in the use of these programs.
Tips & Tactics
Are you planning on getting an early start on your holiday shopping this month? Read the 5 online shopping tactics you should be aware of before breaking out your credit card.
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