How the Business of Cyber Crime Affects Businesses

Individual computer users are not the only ones who are forced to protect themselves from becoming victims of online crime. Cyber criminals go where the money is. And that means that the perpetrators of online crime are taking aim at businesses, upping and professionalizing their ploys to land larger gains.

According to the Information Security Forum (ISF), individual hacker attacks are being replaced by targeted, organized, and profit-driven strikes, meaning an increased risk for businesses. Profit-driven attacks typically occur in five phases, with a different person or team running each phase, according to information from ISF in a recent Security Park article: reconnaissance to identify targets; development to plan the attack and write malware; extraction of the data; exploitation by advertising and selling stolen information; and finally the laundering of the profits.1

And growing numbers of establishments are feeling the effect of these underground networks of cyber crime. According to a recent U.S. Department of Justice survey, 60 percent of American businesses have detected one or more cyber attacks.2 This survey, called the National Computer Security Survey, also reveals that computer viruses are one of the most common types of attack, detected by 52 percent of the businesses polled.

Malware attacks and network intrusions constitute a critical and constant security risk to corporations. According to a recent report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, U.S. corporations, governments and universities have reported a record breaking 516 consumer data breaches in the first nine months of 2008, already surpassing the level reached in 2007.3

“Intruders are coming into organizations where financial data is processed so they can steal massive amounts of data,” said Ed Lowery of the U.S. Secret Service Criminal Investigative Division, as quoted in a recent SC Magazine article.

The present threat landscape serves as a clear indicator that businesses need to work to secure their networks in order to keep unwanted intruders from compromising their systems and their company data.

How is Lavasoft helping businesses wage the war against spyware, viruses and other forms of deceptive malware? With Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware software, corporations can choose between security for their individual computer stations, or centralized protection for an entire network of computer users.

In the end of October, Lavasoft released the new version of its anti-spyware software optimized for networks, Ad-Aware Enterprise 2.1. With Ad-Aware Enterprise 2.1, corporations can proactively block and safely eliminate potentially harmful programs, such as spyware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, backdoors, keyloggers, and much more. The new version offers all of the features of Ad-Aware Pro – included integrated anti-virus protection – combined with a centralized, efficient management console, protecting companies from costly malware attacks.

“Undetected malware can have devastating effects, leading to loss of confidential data, network corruption, drain system resources, and drastically reduce user performance. Ad-Aware Enterprise 2.1 is designed to greatly reduce the risk of costly attacks, without putting a strain on system resources," says Lavasoft CEO Jason King

For more product details, visit the Enterprise 2.1 product page on Lavasoft’s website.


1 http://www.securitypark.co.uk
2 http://www.scmagazineus.com
3 http://voices.washingtonpost.com


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