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In our technology-centered world, passwords are used to secure everything from our bank accounts to our cell phones, not to mention our computers. Due to that, you may already be well aware that developing strong passwords is a necessary way to protect private information. But having a strong password alone may not be enough to keep you safe; storing your passwords securely is equally important.

Lavasoft Digital Lock, a file encryptor, enables you to manage, protect and encrypt your sensitive information. It can also help you to manage and protect your sensitive passwords and still have them easily accessible whenever you need them.

Protecting your passwords with Digital Lock is simply a matter of following the five easy steps, below.

  1. Create a new text file on your desktop or in the folder where you want to store your passwords. For maximum security, create a plain .txt-file and use Notepad to open it; Notepad does not cache your documents as you write them, which more advanced word processors, like Microsoft Word, do.
  2. Find and record your passwords for all resources you have access to. Save the file when you are done and exit Notepad.
  3. Right-click on the file and select "Encrypt…" from the "Lavasoft" menu.
  4. The file encryptor window will pop-up. Click "Encrypt".
  5. Type in a new, secure password for protecting the file, confirm it, and click OK. An encrypted and password-protected version of your file has now been created.

Whenever you need to access a password, simply double-click on the file to open the file decryptor window. Check the boxes next to "Open the files automatically after decryption" and "Re-encrypt file when closed," and click "Decrypt." Next, type in your password. The file with your passwords will decrypt and open, showing all of your secured passwords. When you close Notepad, the file will automatically encrypt itself for full security.

For more information on Lavasoft Digital Lock, see our article Practical Ways to Keep Your Online Data Secure.

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