Concerned about your online privacy?

Concerned about your online privacy?

This month, we take a look at tools from Lavasoft that, in addition to your basic PC security setup, provide an extra layer of protection for your personal information – don't miss our first article, below.

Many of you have inquired about our upcoming
anti-virus release. Lavasoft Anti-Virus Helix's detection and removal technology is complete and already receiving top reviews from international software publications. We're now in the run-up to the release, fine-tuning the stand-alone product to ensure a seamless, top-rated user experience.

Enjoy the rest of the month's security news and tips. Have a topic you would like to see covered in the next issue of Lavasoft News? Write to

News from Lavasoft

Practical Ways to Keep Your Online Data Secure
Is your confidential information safe from prying eyes?

Malware Success Story: Ad-Aware in Action
How a computer user like you beat the rogue, XP AntiVirus.

Lavasoft's Most Valuable Beta Testers
A behind the scenes look at who helped shape
Ad-Aware 2008.

Partner Products
Research Roundup

New Targets in Detection
Visit the Lavasoft Research blog to protect your privacy with new targets for September 2008.

Threat Check
Find out which threats have been creating the most buzz among Ad-Aware users this past month.

Bad Behavior
There are many online nasties to choose from when it comes to behaving badly. Read about our pick for September – Olympics-related threats.


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By The Numbers
4000 Number of laptops lost or stolen in European airports every week, increasing the risk of loss of personal data and other confidential information. A similar study in US airports placed the tally at 12,000 per week.
Source: Ponemon Institute
Tips & Tactics
Keeping track of passwords on post-its or other unsecure methods? Find out how to easily protect your passwords with Lavasoft Digital Lock.
Spyware Horror Stories
Do you have a spyware horror story? Send your online tale of terror to In honor of Halloween and all things scary, we'll pick out a few to publish in the October issue of Lavasoft News as a word of caution to your fellow readers.
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