Practical Ways to Keep Your Online Data Secure

Are you safeguarding your important passwords? Have the e-mails you sent been accessed by unwanted eyes? How private are your personal documents? In today’s world, with cyber crime rates at record highs, it’s no wonder that consumers have concerns like these about their sensitive information.

As more and more data is stored on our computers and sent back and forth electronically from person to person, it’s easier than ever before for confidential information to fall into the wrong hands. The result: loss of privacy and even identity theft.

Certain steps can provide an additional layer of security to your PC. To safeguard your information, it's important to store sensitive data securely. Just as you keep sensitive paper documents under lock and key, secure your sensitive online information. This can be done through file encryption software.

It's equally important to shred electronic documents that contain personal or financial information before discarding them. This prevents the online equivalent of dumpster diving – the ability for hackers to bypass information that has not been permanently deleted from your computer.

Lavasoft offers two easy-to-use products to relieve the burden of data security concerns: Lavasoft Digital Lock and Lavasoft File Shredder. These tools are a natural addition to the privacy and security software you use on a regular basis to safeguard your information. A combined application, Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox, equips you with the dual functionality of both of these products at a maximum value. Keep reading to learn more!

Digital Lock Lavasoft Digital Lock
Protect the private digital data on your computer with the strong encryption technology of Lavasoft Digital Lock. Your online files, both at home and at the office, are a trove of private and potentially valuable information. Theft of confidential information can result in heavy financial loss, as well as lost time. With Lavasoft's encryption technology, securely store or send files by e-mail knowing that your private information is safely locked and will never fall into the wrong hands.

File Shredder Lavasoft File Shredder
Take control of the information on your PC with Lavasoft File Shredder. Even after you think you have deleted information and files, traces still remain on your computer. When you delete a file, empty your Recycle Bin or format your hard disk, the information is not always removed from your PC; these methods only alter the structure of the drive, leaving most of the data intact and recoverable. You can shred your sensitive digital files with the same certainty as you shred sensitive papers in a paper shredder. Permanently remove unwanted files and data, at home or at the office, with Lavasoft File Shredder.

Privacy Toolbox Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox
Build the security you require – get both the Lavasoft File Shredder and Digital Lock in one easy-to-use application. Securely store information or remove it for good from your PC with the Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox, giving you full control of your digital documents. Plus, get the most for your money with savings of over 30 percent compared to buying both products separately.

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By The Numbers
4000 Number of laptops lost or stolen in European airports every week, increasing the risk of loss of personal data and other confidential information. A similar study in US airports placed the tally at 12,000 per week.
Source: Ponemon Institute
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