April 2008

When it comes to protecting your private information, a firewall is your first line of defense. Find out how we’ve optimized our personal firewall to bring you the most powerful security shield yet. Plus, take advantage of our special introductory offer to get the new version at a fraction of the regular price! Keep reading for the product details.

Also in this issue, we have the security and threat news you need to stay informed. In our “Research Roundup,” check out the malware with a mouthful of a name, MonaRonaDona, to make sure you don’t fall victim to this type of scam.

You know that you can write to editor@lavasoft.com with questions or comments on Lavasoft News. In this LN, we’re giving you a new opportunity to share your views about our products. See our “Testimonial Challenge” article for the specifics.

Now Available: Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0
Your first line of defense is getting even tougher.

Lavasoft Testimonial Challenge
Enter for your chance to win free software.

Security Shorts
A glimpse at the online security news making headlines around the world this past month tax scams, a spyware op update, a botnet bust, and more.

New Targets in Detection
Protect your privacy with a complete list of new targets for March 2008.

Threat Check
Find out which threats have been creating the most buzz among Ad-Aware users this past month.

Bad Behavior
There are many online nasties to choose from when it comes to behaving badly. Read about our pick
for April MonaRonaDona.

Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0

Only 4% of those surveyed in a recent industry study say they understand firewalls “completely” and more than 44% say they do not understand how firewalls work.
Source: NCSA and McAfee Inc. study

A firewall inspects network traffic passing through a computer, denying or permitting passage based on a set of rules. Firewalls provide critical protection to keep PCs safe from unauthorized access.

Why do you need a firewall and, more importantly, why do you need a two-way firewall?
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