February 2008

Overwhelmed by all of the 2008 threat predictions that poured out in January? Make sense of today’s security challenges with this issue of LN.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, be prepared for phony e-cards and links in e-mail using social engineering to infect your PC. In our Research Roundup, find out how to bypass a badly behaved threat using this very tactic – the so-called “Storm Worm.” Also in this issue: Lavasoft’s views on battling the business of cyber crime and the scoop on a convenient new addition to our website, Lavasoft eStores.

Just a reminder: we discontinued issuing Definition File updates for Ad-Aware SE Personal. Make sure to update to the newest Ad-Aware version today!

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Now Open: Lavasoft eStores
Shopping for online security products just got easier… and more affordable!

Awareness Key to Combating Profit-Driven Attacks
Lavasoft’s CEO outlines tactics for fighting the malware war in SC Magazine’s guest column.

Security Shorts
Lavasoft News has compiled a list of "security shorts" - summaries of other online security stories making news around the world this past month.

New Targets in Detection
Protect your privacy with a complete list of new targets for January 2008.

Threat Check
Find out which threats have been creating the most buzz among Ad-Aware users this past month.

Bad Behavior
There are many online nasties to choose from when it comes to behaving badly. Read about our pick for February – Win32.Worm.Zhelatin (also known as Storm Worm) – so you’re prepared to handle the worst of the worst.

Paragon Drive Backup 8.5 Personal Edition

Research indicates that the Storm Worm botnet increased in size by over 200% due to seasonal spam blasts surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Following a pre-Valentine’s Day surge, Storm made up 8% of overall e-mail traffic.
Source: Honeyblog.org, Sophos

An exploit is a piece of software that takes advantage of a hole or vulnerability in a computer user’s system in order to gain unauthorized access to the system.
Source: Anti-Spyware Coalition Glossary

You hear time and time again about the importance of keeping your computer patched against known vulnerabilities. Find out how to stay up-to-date.

“I just wanted to tell you what an amazing line of products you have. Many times [Ad-Aware 2007] has saved my computer from a total crash, or me the hassle of wiping the hard disk clean. It finds so many things: malware, adware, spyware and malicious email attachments, Trojans, monitoring tools and back-door viruses, things that are so hard for me to find on my own. Thank you, really. You make my life so much easier.”
S. Black (Setsuna, Kansas, USA)

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